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100 Things I Love About Toku 2

Have we gotten a single series without any ridiculous behind-the-camera drama? Have we? I bet it sucked, because ALL the series have ridiculous production stories, of the sort that make you wonder how anything wound up on the screen at all, yet there they are, airing when they should.

I mean, a quick (and utterly incomplete) list is as follows:

- Early MMPR job titles being recommendations at best - everyone did whatever needed done at that moment, they just has specialties (we'll come back to this later in this series of posts)
- The Many Cancellations of Power Rangers
- Everything Inoue has touched, but especially Decade. (Oh god, Decade. Fun! Also awful.)
- The ridiculous number of supporting actresses in KR who have fallen ill during filming, necessitating rewrites. NB: this number may be two, because the only ones I know of for certain are Hiyori and Hana's actresses, but they were consecutive, so ridiculous still.
- Speaking of: Valerie Vernon's leukemia falling in the middle of the clusterfuck that was Lost Galaxy's production.
- Tzachor
- Kobayashi potentially having been telling the truth when she said she'd never seen an episode of Kamen Rider ever before writing 90+% of Ryuki herself. It ended very, very well, but that is an ASTOUNDING hiring decision, even if she had basically just done Timeranger.
- The number of writers who decide "we've lost our last cours? SPEED UP THE STORY" instead of maybe cutting arcs. (SAZER-X WHYYYY COULDN'T YOU HAVE SOLD MORE TOYS ;_; ) (ULTRAMAN NEXUS HOW DID YOU STILL MAKE 100% SENSE IDEK)
- Goseiger
- Saban firing half of the leads of his cultural icon epic moneymaker in the middle of its sure-to-be-brief relevance, just to make a point to the other half, without killing the show.

Basically, Thing I Love #1, about how the shows don't have to make sense? This extends to the real world. I try not to think about it too much.