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100 Things I Love About Toku 4

It's an amazingly expansive genre, with a really strong experimental region.

Just in the last year's crop of shows we've covered, broadly, the following: comedy, drama, melodrama, farce, parody, homage, tragedy, mystery, and the (fetch) quest.

Within these bounds, the shows have tackled the concepts of: loyalty, the loss of loved ones (friends, lovers, family), metafiction, romance, the simplicity and depth of friendship, existentialism, acceptance of fate, defiance of fate, making one's own fate, (deciding others' fates in light of all of this is rather uncouth, Meteor), the depravity inherent in some people, the power of justice, the importance of tradition, the sometimes necessity of building a family of choice, nerd culture, youth, that authority figures who should have your best interests at heart do not always, and so forth.

Some shows have presented these things at face value. Some have held them as subtext or low thematic undertones. Some have presented them with bright flashing signs calling your attention to them. Some have treated none of it seriously. Some have used jokes to hide how serious they were being. Some did multiple approaches from this list (some at once).

All of it has been wholeheartedly within the genre, no matter how different Makai Senki is to Gokaiger is to Power Rangers Samurai, etc.

As long as the creative staff on a show have the talent to back up their ambition, toku can accomplish anything.