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Dear Yuletide Writer


  • Fluff

  • Smut (not of anyone underage, which I wouldn't expect there to be a risk of this year given everyone I have requested is an adult or a preteen child, but you never know)

  • Fun bonding times, "off days" compared to canon

  • Angst is fine, but please keep away from misery for misery's sake

  • Domesticity is great; especially given how little room the characters in my requested fandoms have for it in the canon (there's room for it in their offscreen lives but the shows largely focus elsewhere)

Not Good:

  • Noncon/dubcon

  • Gore in text doesn't bother me the way seeing it does but I highly doubt I'd enjoy a fic that includes it

  • I think just not going beyond the level of violence the canon allows is a smart choice if you're worried about crossing my line. There's some room to step over that line before you get to mine but if you don't cross it you're definitely safe


레전드히어로 삼국전 | Legend Hero Samgukjeon (TV)
Any Character

In all honesty I will accept fic about any characters from this show, whether they're in the tagset or not. If you want to write about the bug husbands or the Hero Pieces (especially postseries Liu Bei with his now-human pieces) or Sun Ce's preseries globetrotting I will be pleased as punch, don't worry

As far as prompts that stick to the tagset:

Shangxiang's rival-lust for Gongsun Zan was incredible enough when it was confined to martial arts competition. Now that Zan is learning the business side of running Dowon-Kwon, they'll be business rivals too. How does this lead to a confession/angry makeouts/an illicit night of passion and where do they go from there?

Diaochan finds out about Zhuge Liang's new role as wish-granter and wishes for her father back. I want to say I would prefer a happy ending but we all know good angst is good angst

Or maybe Diaochan doesn't, but there's a story in Cao Cao being uncomfortable taking Wang Yun's place (maybe he accepts help from the bug husbands, who are so thrilled to have a fan?)

Or "No Legend War" AU where Liu Bei still gets wrapped up in the Dong Zhuo investigation somehow but it ends successfully and Tae-O is left to deal with feeling like Wang Yun has replaced him with Liu Bei (which of course he hasn't, it was an addition, but Wang Yun underestimated Tae-O's capacity to Tae-O). Congrats Diaochan on your three dads once they sort it out.

And of course as much as Wang Yun/Tae-O/Liu Bei is a ship, Liu Bei/Zhuge Liang is the ship, and any excuse you could find to write about them spending time with Xu Shu would be grand.

I'm not kidding when I say I will love any fic about this show

Where to find the canon: There is an official playlist from the creators on YouTube here (be sure to turn on closed captions for English subtitles)

ウルトラマンX | Ultraman X
Any Character

I love love love Daichi and X having the most gigantic crushes on each other and dating and having the most gigantic crushes on each other while dating but also I'm really interested in Kamiki and Tachibana?

What's going through their heads as they lead? How much do they let their team get away with and when and how do they draw the lines? Do they have disagreements and how do they handle them? Does their friendship extend outside the base? (It seems so, given their conversations when Kamiki's daughter gets married, or is theirs just a very close working relationship?)

Focusing specifically on Tachibana and even more specifically her time as Nexus would also be neat

Where to find this canon: episodes are available on Crunchyroll for legal streaming!

快傑ズバット | Kaiketsu Zubat (TV)
Any Character

What, if anything, could Tojo do to get Ken to settle down?

What, if anything, could Ken do to get Tojo to join him on the road?

How on earth are Midori and Osamu able to travel so much to follow Ken?

Could the dark day when Ken is Number 2 in Japan ever come?

Where to find this canon: iirc, the fansubbers released a new batch torrent after the nyaapocalypse, and they have spoken of plans to do a release using the new bluray rips "soon"