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October 15th, 2018

Dear Yuletide Writer


  • Fluff

  • Smut (not of anyone underage, which I wouldn't expect there to be a risk of this year given everyone I have requested is an adult, but you never know)

  • Fun bonding times, "off days" compared to canon

  • Angst is fine, but please keep away from misery for misery's sake

  • Domesticity is great; especially given how little room the characters in most of my requested fandoms have for it in the canon (there's room for it in their offscreen lives but the shows largely focus elsewhere)

Not Good:

  • Noncon/dubcon

  • Gore in text doesn't bother me the way seeing it does but I highly doubt I'd enjoy a fic that includes it

  • I think just not going beyond the level of violence the canon allows is a smart choice if you're worried about crossing my line. There's some room to step over that line before you get to mine but if you don't cross it you're definitely safe


Daimajin Kanon

Gosh, I would love anything written for this show, but things I would especially love include where Kanon and Saki's relationship goes when Saki comes back (I ship them fiercely, but even just their collaborations would be cool) or slice-of-life Onbake shenanigans

Where to find this canon: well it isn't actually licensed, so try the usual places for that

레전드히어로 삼국전 | Legend Hero Samgukjeon (TV)

Again, this is a show where I love everyone will love anything that gives me more of them

Areas of interest include Gongsun Zan/Sun Shangxiang (What if Shangxiang had found out her rival suddenly lost interest in martial arts? Would she have gone on a "'talk' sense into Gongsun Zan" quest? Or what about post-canon when Zan is suddenly Shangxiang's rival in business?), Tae-oh/Wang Yun(/Liu Bei) good ends, EVERYONE (even just anyone?)/HAPPINESS, weird unhealthy but - naturally - super-intense CaoCao/Sima Yi, and of course the daily lives of hexafriends

But I am absolutely serious when I say that I will cherish any fic for this fandom at all, even 10k words of Mi Zhu's interior life if that's what you want to bring into the world

Where to find this canon: there is an officially uploaded youtube playlist here (be sure to turn on closed captions for English subtitles) (please consider giving it a try if you are unfamiliar)

魔弾戦記リュウケンドー | Madan Senki Ryukendo

COP GIRLFRIENDS COP GIRLFRIENDS COP GIRLFRIENDS (maaaaaaybe rethinking the "cop" part. I know Ryukendo takes place in a town where cops either genuinely have the community's wellness and safety in mind or are benignly incompetent, but still...)

Also good: Kenji and Fudou trying to involve their Madan partners in their love life, since they do also love them. (Is it more awkward because Fudou has no real connection to Gekiryuken/Kenji with Gouryugun, or is it because they're trying to include a sword and gun in a process that really doesn't have a place for either?) (If you can make it work I promise I will be impressed for forever.)

The show did such a good job of characterizing the townspeople; if you just want to have fun with daily life in Akebono, by all means go ahead

Where to find this canon: again, unfortunately unlicensed